Singapore Bus Stop Artwork

A Graphic Designer & Illustrator in Singapore

I absolutely love drawing wonderfully weird things. But apart from illustration, I also have experience in front-end development (HTML/CSS), Web Design, online and offline marketing collaterals, working in advertising agencies as well as startups.

My dream (besides world peace) is to own a card shop that sells cards and wrapping paper. Also to hold more of my own exhibitions, those are heaps of incredible of fun.


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Why Joycebean?

Why Joycebean? I honestly never expected that this would be such a popular question! But to avoid confusion, yes, there is no bean in my name. Because I have a very common name, all the domain names containing "Joyce Lee" were taken. came about while I was eating a can of baked beans with rice. Exasperated from days of trying (to find a suitable name), I typed "Joycebean" and it was pleasantly available. So I went with it.

I like baked beans very much.