Others - Scrap works

A collection of temporary doodles, experiments and things that came across my mind. Some of them are considered done, some are in their WIP stages, some are just abandoned. You can view more here.

The Joycebean Merbear / Mermaid + Bear
A mermaid bear that's shocked that you're leaving.
Cats Are Only Likable In JPEGs
Only likable in JPEGs
Because they scratch you in real life.
The Doraemons - 7 Pendekar Doraemon
The Doraemons
I was walking down memory lane.
Arnolfini, Bristol - Inspiration for a Library Building
Arnolfini / Library
I love going to the library when I have the time.
Salmon Sushi - Eat Me Please
Eat Me
More wasabi please.
Colour experiment at 2.28am.
Praying Frog In A Party Booth
Praying Frog
Praying in a party booth.
Holy Trinity Is Nescafe - 3 In 1
God is 3 in 1
I was drinking coffee when I made the connection.
Moustache Guy
Moustache Guy
A guy with a moustache.
Sarcophagus, George Takei
Drew this before I went to Scotland.
Christmas Tree Wearing Aztec Tights
Christmas Tree
Aztec tights were all the rage then.
Halloween Perm Disaster
Perm Disaster
Frankenstein has his problems too.
Fishing In A Hut In A Forest
Hut in a forest
Just something I was thinking of.
Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia
Merdeka 2014
Something I drew up in commemoration.
Joycebean Girl
Hip Lady
Colour Experiment.
UWE Illustration Break A Lead Logo
Break A Lead
Asset Proposal for my Uni's Illustration Group.
Get Well Soon Card - Collapsed Lung
Get Well Soon Card
Colleague's Lung Collapsed.
Others - Church Volunteer Work

I volunteer in my church as a designer - to help out with design collaterals if needed. These are some of them that I've done, The words/verses get passed to me and I will do the output!

Church Volunteer Typography Work - Jesus Our Superhero
Typography #1
Watercolour brush - scanned & edited.
Church Volunteer Typography Work - As God's Beloved You Can Live Life Free Of Fear Today
Typography #2
Playing with hierarchy.
Church Volunteer Typography Work - Safety Is Found In The Person Of Jesus
Typography #3
I wanted something sparkly.
Church Volunteer Typography Work - Psalms 23
Typography #4
View the writeup here
Happy Childrens Day featuring Jesus
Children's Day 2015 (heart)
I wish Jesus faxed me his picture.